Mary Cohr’s SpA Aromatique Body Care

SLIMMING Treatment

A 3 stage treatment

  • Full body exfoliation combined with the Vital Energising Body Essences leaves the skin silky smooth, and ideally prepared for the subsequently treatments.
  • Anti Cellulite Massage - a specific full body massage combined with SLIMMING Essence oils helps diminish cellulite and leaves the skin smoother.
  • Anti Cellulite Slimming Body Wrap - the final part of the treatment finishes with the application of a slimming body wrap, which targets stubborn cellulite and effectively drains skin tissue. 1hr 30mins       £65.00

The general comment on this treatment is one of feeling rejuvenated, toned and slimmer with incredibly smooth skin. It is suitable for a one off treatment, but in order to achieve maximum results, a course is recommended.


A 3 stage treatment

  • A full body scrub with Mango Extract used together with Vital Energising Essence leaves the skin silky soft and ideally prepared for the subsequently applied treatments.
  • Relaxing Body Wrap with a rich nourishing cream that envelops at the skin, restoring comfort and softness for the optimal feeling of well being.
  • A full body massage using specific techniques, combined with the RELAXING Essence oils, help relieve tension and relax the muscles all the way to the tips of the toes      1hr 30mins                                           £65.00


The SpA Aromatique RELAXATION Body Treatment combined with the Beaute Aromatique Facial is the perfect top to toe treatment. Your mind, body and skin will benefit from the sheer indulgence of smells, massage and creams. Truly, the ultimate relaxation treatment.   2hrs 30mins                  £90.00


Professional Beauty Treatments using Natural Products

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